Apply to be a DJ

Want to send? Are you a Presenter or DJ? 

Do you enjoy broadcasting? 

Do you love Dance, Techno, Trance, EDM, PsyTrance, House, Electronica ?

Then you are right with us!

Requirements with us:

a. Technical requirements

    at least DSL 4,000, preferably faster
    Knowledge of streaming and existing streaming software
    stable internet access
    reliable hardware or crash-proof OS
    Moderation with a suitable microphone
    Willingness to pay a small monthly amount to finance the radio

b. further requirements

    Very good language skills in German, preferably also basic 
    knowledge of English pronunciation
    Teamwork skills
    Critical ability
    Music genres: Dance, Techno, Trance, EDM, PsyTrance, House, Electronica 

c. we offer

    fun, helpful team without big hierarchies
    Ten years of experience in the field of web radio / web streaming
    Music pool with many songs from samples from various labels and bands
    Artistic freedom in the development and implementation of your show idea
    Creation of a shipment logo

If you would like to join our crazy (but mostly lovable) team, 
send us an email to apply! 

Details about the “admission process” will be available via reply email!